Screen “The Night of the Shooting Stars”

3 panels 60×200 about

Blown plated blue glass, wood structure finish in black Chinese lacquer.

The figures are the result of handmade mixed incisions, using the traditional  acquaforte techniques customized by our artists.

The blown plated glass goes through a process of artisan production that makes it one of the most beautiful and precious types of glass in the world. The master glassmakers blow the glass mass by mouth and spread it into two layers using “rolling pins”, first the transparent layer and then the blue one. The result is an outstanding type of glass, characteristic for its irregularities, the thickness and the intensity of the colours which makes each slab unique.

Working this type of glass is a challenge, it is like controlling something that is alive. The final effect, the design on the plate, is unique and unrepeatable. A real thrill, impossible not to get involved. The light plays with the shades of the plate and in the depth of the cuts, and so, the design comes out from this dance, from the breath of the blower and the passion of those who ran it. The idea, the design and the glass become one.

In the plaque on the screen there is a quote from “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry:

“I wonder,” he said, “if the stars are lit up ’cause one day everyone can find its own star.”





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