Turelli studio has been active in the cultural artistic environment of Tuscany since the 1970’s, creating works of design, painting, and sculpture. Due to its high-quality services and commitment to its clients, it has gained recognition at a national and international level during this time.

Starting from the ancient notions of gran fuoco painting on glass, we have experimented the methods of Gallè and Lalique, developing new specific techniques such as a mixture of painting, sculpture and etching in acquaforte.

The studio proposes and creates unique works that interact with the light, developing dynamic environments rich in emotion. At present, the handcrafted work and the continuous artistic research are combined with testing of new materials and the use of illuminating engineering.

Our studio has collaborated with the foremost studios of architecture, shipyards, art galleries and the best Italian master craftsmen. In recent years, our artists have created glass sculptures, panels, carvings, paintings on canvas, art installations and design works for private and public structures. Our works are present not only in Europe, but also in New York and on board of the most prestigious mega yachts that sail the world.

After meeting the customer, all processing begins with a study of the subject, making sketches in ink and watercolour and then preparatory cartoons in scale, all of which is done to meet the needs and desires of the client. The works are unique and unrepeatable. The board designs and projects are created and destroyed for the work itself remaining forever linked to it. We have the profound conviction that the individuality and uniqueness of our works are essential to their value.

The stylistic line of the company, while remaining linked to the tradition, is open to new ideas and techniques, and is represented by personal exhibitions of painting, sculpture and design throughout all of Italy. Since 2012, we have presented our latest creations during the Milan Design Week and we were chosen to participate in events related to the Fuorisalone and Expo. Our main asset is that there are no limits to our techniques and style and we manage to bring to life any representation of our client’s personality.


Architectural designs, interior and exterior decorations, development of new spaces, lighting installations


Manufacture of custom-made items, product design, tailor-made tables, lamps, screens


Glass sculptures, bas-relief on glass, glass paintings, paintings on canvas, paintings on wood, stained glass, installations

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