Painting with enamels and grisailles dissolved in lavender essences and baked in a special oven at 600 ° several times. The paintings are made on cathedral glass, a wavy blown glass that enable the light to interact with the surface in order to create a fascinating effect. The glass is then coupled through a manual process involving special resins to create a shatterproof glass window without affecting the colors.


Bas-reliefs are made with different overlapped techniques, there is not a definite procedure, the surface of the glass is worked until it reached the depth, transparency and color desidered.

The design is developed thinking on the light, both natural and artificial, and how it can tread the glass through the different thicknesses and transparencies. The result is a work that comes alive with the light and varies its perception depending on the point of view. There are no limits in size, subjects and lighting solutions that can be used.



Starting from sketch to the cardboard scale, we make paintings on canvas and board, with oil paints, acrylics and wax finishes.


The blown plated glass has a handcrafted process that makes it one of the most valuable in the world.

The glass masters blow in the vitreous mass by mouth and stretch it using a “rolling pin” in two layers: A first transparent layer and then the colored one. The result is a characteristic glass for its irregularities in the thickness and intensity of color which makes each plate unique.

Working this type of glass is a real challenge, it is like handling something alive, the drawing develops following the shade of the color along the glass and the effect that comes out is unique and unrepeatable. The light play on the shades of the plates and on the depth of the incisions. The design comes from this dance, from the breathe of the blower, and the passion of the master. The idea, the design and the glass are just one thing.



Combining the desire to play with light and transparencies, we want to create suspended and ethereal environments, and drift away from the reality for the imagination. Through our knowledge of the materials and the experience in the lighting research,  we seek to shape the space going beyond the limits.

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