Lamps engraved

Size: 40 x 40 x 45 cm

Blown glass plated red with wood frame finished in chinese lacquers. The figures are made through mixed handmade engravings in accordance to the traditional Acquaforte etching technique.

The lamps are composed by four glasses with consecutive drawings, each one different for figures and shapes, in order to always give a different feeling due to the materia and color. The blown glass plated is realised through a craftmanship working that makes this glass one of the most valuable in the world.

The glass masters blow in the vitreous mass by mouth and stretch it using a “rolling pin” in two layers, first a transparent layer and then the red one. The result is a distinctive glass for its irregular thickness and the variable intensity of the color that makes each plate unique.

Working this type of glass is a real challenge, it is like handling something alive. The drawing develops following the shade of the color along the glass and the effect that comes out is unique and unrepeatable. The light plays on the shades of the plates and on the depth of the incisions. The design comes from this dance, from the breathe of the blower, and the passion of the master. The idea, the design and the glass are just one thing.








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